SC3UIS nuevamente associado a NVDIA

El Profesor Carlos Jaime Barrios Hernández, director del SC3UIS y profesor asistente de la Escuela de Sistemas e Informática, fue nombrado como NVIDIA DLI University Ambassador, que lo reconoce como instructor e investigador del Deep Learning Instituto de NVIDIA, instituto internacional con más de cien miembros a nivel...
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2nd Workshop on HPC Collaboration between Europe and Latin America

Since 1990, a wealth of projects has been developed in Latin America to build advanced computing platforms with the key support of different European institutions. Projects such as EELA, EELA-2, GISELA, CHAIN-REDS, RISC, RICAP, OPENBIO and EUBRAZIL-CC constituted comprehensive initiatives of collaboration among national partners in France, Germany,...
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SC3UIS en Actividades del Año Francia/Colombia 2017

Supercomputación y Cálculo Científico de la Universidad Industrial de Santander, participara en diferentes actividades propuestas para el año cruzado Francia-Colombia 2017. Estas actividades involucran desde seminarios especializados, conferencias especificas, visitas técnico-científicas, coloquios, reuniones de proyectos con investigadores franceses, entre otros, las cuales se desarrollaran durante todo el 2017....
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Google Forges Path to Quantum Computing

In a nutshell, quantum supremacy is building a quantum computer that can perform a task that no conventional digital computers can do. D-Wave’s quantum annealing machine has demonstrated much faster execution of specific algorithms, but not in a way that would demonstrate a generalized quantum computing capability….
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Chinese Chipmaker Unveils Speedy 64-Core ARM Processor

Chinese Chipmaker Unveils Speedy 64-Core ARM Processor Phytium Technology has announced a 64-core ARM server CPU, which according to the press release will deliver 512 gigaflops of performance. The new chip, known as FT-2000/64, is aimed at “high throughput and high performance servers.”….
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IBM Ups Its Game with the Power9 Processor

IBM Ups Its Game with the Power9 Processor IBM is looking to take a bigger slice out of Intel’s lucrative server business with Power9, the company’s latest and greatest processor for the datacenter. Scheduled for initial release in 2017, the Power9 promises more cores and a hefty performance...
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